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The FEB 2022 Funferal coincided with the 100th anniversary of the publication of Ulysseys. In addition to recitals of passages from the "Calypso" chapter (Magee, voicing Leopold Bloom's early morning thoughts) and "Wandering Rocks" (Ó'Fóghlu, playing a number of different members of the Dedalus family, including patriarch / drinker Simon and his half-starving children), audiences heard exceprts from Gabrielle Carey's forthcoming biography, James Joyce: A Life, renditions of songs popular and operatic from the "Sirens" chapter by soprano Rachel Duncan and an "amplification" of that same chapter created by Russell Smith and featuring remixed operatic accompaniment to Billy Ó'Fóghlu, Gabrielle Carey, Paul Magee and Russell's performance of the dialogue and narration accompanying Bloom, his thoughts, his cousin, his wife's lover, Blazes Boylan, Simon Dedalus, Father Bob Conway and Bald Pat. The chapter's complex play with motifs, alliteration and other forms of sonic chiming, and rhythm points the way forward to Finnegans Wake

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